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Google Play Store
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The largest Android app store where you can buy and download apps, games, and even movies

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updated on June 23, 2022


The easiest way of managing your app library
Downloads and purchases are quite simple
Discovering new apps/games is easy and personalized for each user
Updating can be automatic or manual


Play Services can be annoying when you install apps outside of Play Store
Google Play Store
Price: $
If you are an Android user, it's probably difficult for you to imagine a life where your phone isn't closely connected to Google via Gmail, YouTube, and Play Store. Seriously, what would we do without the Play Store on our phones? Well, there are other ways to install apps but Play Store is the easiest!

Play Store by Google is a game, app, and movie/TV library you can install on your Android phones. You simply open it, choose the app/game/movie you want to download and it's on its way to your phone in no time! The best thing about the Play Store is that everyone is using it: both the developers and the users. If an Android app exists, it's on the Play Store, except for apps that breach their terms of service.

It's divided into three sections: Games, Apps, and Movies. All three sections display content recommended for you, top charts, or different categories for everything. For instance, when you tap on a game, you'll be able to see its photos, possibly a trailer video, and its user reviews. If you need to pay for it, Google Wallet is neatly implemented.

Google Play is also extremely useful for managing your app and game library. You can update them automatically or manually, manage the installed ones, or view every app and game you have ever installed in chronological order. All apps on the Google Play Store are scanned for malware and their protection has worked quite well so far.
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